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    CNC Gantry Milling And Boring Machine

    High rigid body structure,stable body structure,show unique heavy cutting performance,main structural casting using meehaner cast iron,good damping,show cutting stability,high precision.High torque main shaft,main shaft and transmission gear adopt forced cooling,can reduce temperature and improve precision,two-stage automatic transmission high and low gear box,adopt advanced grinding gear,can resist heavy cutting with high torque,high grade is suitable for high speed finishing.

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    Product Details

    CNC gantry milling and boring machine

    gantry cnc milling machine (2)


    Optional full-closed, three-coordinate detection error within 0.01mm Gear head upgrade to high-precision 6000 rpm, capable of rough and fine machining Improve manufacturing accuracy, right angle error is 0.01mm

    Head (patent structure)

    It adopts the best rectangular ratio copper-containing casting structure, cooperating with Japan Hamada gear and diameter 100mm ball bearing to supply high-precision and silent processing; the long sleeve spindle (300mm) directly goes into the interior of the cavity for internal precision machining

    Door beam

    It adopt the "door" type integrated casting design with distribution of well-word grid ribs, high-quality Meehanite casting iron, two electric furnace aging and two vibration aging, which ensure long-term vibration resistant without deformation; it increase the step rail span than the peers ( 850 × 300mm) to ensure processing stability.


    The  integral ship structure adopt the finite element analysis design and the double wall and ribs integrated into one, to ensure the most stable heavy-duty anti-vibration foundation. Adopting larger specifications of the screw and linear rail than the peer to ensure the high rigidity and accuracy of the machine; The integrated built-in oil-water separation and chip evacuation structure ensures the machine is environmental and economical.



    1, CNC control system standard funct10n

    2, Spindle constant temperature system

    3, automatic power off device 4, hydraulic unit system

    5, cutting fluid unit 6, automatic lubricat10n system

    7, three-color waming light 8, working light 9, handwheelcontrol box

    10, RS-232 interface 11, heat exchanger configuration

    12, chip remover and chip bucket 13, Foundation bolts and level adJustment pads

    14, controller operation manualandc1rcu1t diagram

    15, Mechanical Safety Operation Manual 16, prec,s,on test table 17, splash protection andmanualdoor

    18, a set of mechanical adjustment tools


    CNC  system simens/Mutsubishi/Fanuc/KND

    Each axis grating device Disc magazine /chain magazine

    Spindle center water output 2-7MPa

    12000-15000 mechanical spindle

    Four-axis function Right-angle milling Head

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