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    Custom Heavy Duty CNC Floor Boring Machine

    This product is mainly for the processing of the box parts to achieve a five-s心ed processing of one­time clamping. The nose of the spindle can be extended to the workpiece, and the square ram can also be telescopic to facilitate deep milling and deep groove. It can meet the processing of products with high coaxial concentricity. It is equipped with a rotary table with a weight of 0.001. It can realize five-axis linkage machining, stable casting structure, strong shock resistance, bending resistance of the column and high anti-torsion rigidity. The uppermost side of the stroke end can also be stably processed to achieve the best performance of the product.

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    Product Details

    custom heavy duty CNC floor boring machine


    The shaft is made of imported German matenal SACM-645, and the hardness after treatment is as high as (HS 100° 土10° ).

    TURNTABLE /ROTARY TABLEcnc floor boring machine

    With full-area support hydraulic pressure design, the unique twin-turbo without backlash drives six angles of any clamping force up to 13500kg/c㎡, and the cylinder is locked with a 90-degree pin positioning. 


    With full-area support hydraulic pressure design, unique twin­turbo without backlash drive at any angle, six fastening forces up to 13500kg/c㎡, cylinder locking with 90°pin positioning 


    Spindle motor 22 (continuous) / 26 (30 minutes) kw large output power.
    The maximum torque output of the main shaft is 1800Nm (260kgf-m), which is the highest specification in the secondary distance.
    The nose-type spindle head is close to the workpiece during machining and is suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
    Rotary table can carry 8000-25000kg.
    The Z-axis can withstand an axial load of 2000kgf continuously, ensuring high torque and high rotational speed for extremely high cutting forces
    The spindle bearings are lubricated with grease and are surrounded by a tubing-sheathed cooling design to avoic thermal displacement problems.
    The flange of the spindle motor is cooled by tubing.
    The main shaft is specially nitrided and has no wear for many years.
    The X/Y shaft lead screw and the motor adopt a direct coupled transmission structure.
    The advanced casting machine with good structural stability and strong earthquake resistance is composed of arch bridge type high rigidity structure.
    The anti-bending and torsional rigidity of the column is increased by 1.7 times,and stable processing can be performed on the uppermost side of the Y-axis stroke end.
    The combination of a spindle with nitriding and Ultra-low temperature (-190℃) and a high-precision and high rigidity spindle bearing can provide the best performance of the product for a long time


    1, CNC control system standard function
    2, spindle constant temperature system
    3, automatic power off device
    4, hydraulic unit system.
    5, cutting fluid unit
    6, automatic lubrication system
    7, three-color warning light 
    8, work lighting
    9, hand wheel control box

    10, RS-232 interface
    11, heat exchanger configuration
    12, chip remover and chip bucket
    13, Foundation bolts and level adjustment pads.
    14, controller operation manual and circuit diagram
    15,Mechanical Safety Operation Manual
    16, precision test table
    17, splash protection and manual door 
    18, a set of mechanical adjustment tools


    CNC system simens/Mitsubishi /FanucKND
    Each axis grating device
    Disc magazine / chain magazine 
    Spindle center water output 2-7MPa 
    12000-15000 mechanical spindle 
    Four-axis function

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