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    Dimpled Roller Shell for Ball Press Machine

    Aplication: pelletizer machine,ball press machine,briquetting machine ; Material: Carbon, Alloy and stainless Steel ; Standard: DIN,EN,ASTM,GOST,JIS,ETC; Structure: Forging, Casting or Welding

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    Product Details

     Dimpled Roller Shell for Ball Press Machine

    roller shell  190530 (4)roller shell190617


    The quality of the roller shell which directly determines the service life of the ball press machine is the core part of the machine. The hardness of the roller shell is the most important parameter to measure the press ball machine 's quality. The hardness  depends on the alloy steel grade and the final heat treatment process level.


    The roller sleeve (roller shell) can be divided into casting and forging types according to the process. 65 manganese alloy is used in Cast steel roller commonly. Although the cost is lower, The hardness is not too high and wear-resistant is not so good, it is used  in pressing fine materials such as pulverized coal, clay. Forging roll spool  adapt 92 chromium molybdenum, the cost and cost are relatively high, but the hardness is better than HRC62, suitable for pressing iron powder and metal ore and other coarse materials.

    The material adapt to Alloy steel (exactly Grade according to request).Heat treatment: Q&T, Welding or casting

    the MAX Tolerance is 0.01mm,MAX Roughness is Ra0.4;Nondestructive Testing including UT,MT,RT and PT.

    Mechanical properties would be according to  clients’ requirements.

    Production Process

    1process rough module according to drawings

    2 fine process

    3 Carving ball socket

    4 heat treatment

    Our product Advantages

    (1)  After the surface of roller skin is evenly heat treated ,the roller sleeve has longer service life, surface hardness and wear resistance.

    (2)  Adapt to Steel carburizing technology , Accuracy up to 0.05mm.


    our finished product inspection including Chemical composition test, Ultrasonic test, Magnetic test, Tensile strength test,   Impact Test, Hardness Test and Dimension test. etc.

    Main machining 500彩票网安全下载s

    CNC lathing, CNC Milling, CNC Boring, CNC Grinding, CNC Drilling etc.


    press ball machine, roller crusher, mill machine. etc.

    Shipment &Delivery

    Delivery time:30 - 90 days.

    package adapting to transport.


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