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    Rotay Kiln Bearing Shell

    Material: copper,brass,steel Dimension: according to drawing Service: OEM ODM

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    Product Details

     (OEM) Rotay Kiln Bearing Shell from Luoyang Yujie

    Rotay Kiln Bearing Shell  General Introduction:

    Rotay Kiln Bearing Shell, connecting sliding bearings and bear neck, shell shaped smooth semi-cylindrical surface, made of bearable material like brass and anti-friction alloy, also made of wood, engineering plastics or rubber only in special cases.

    Shaft shell classifies two types: united and split. The united bearing shell generally called bushing, including oil and non-oil gutter. Bearing shell and shaft neck fit by clearance principle, no rotary together with bear.

    Rotay Kiln Bearing Shell  Features: 

    When the sliding bearing working, it needs one layer thin oil film for lubricating between the shell and shaft. If lubricating condition not adequate, there is direct abrasion between shell and shaft, which will directly create high temperature and burn the shell, although the it is made of bearable hot alloy metal material.

    The shell also be burned due to heavy load, high temperature, or purity and viscosity fault. and the sliding bearing will be totally damaged if the shell be burned.

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