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    Rolled Ring For Lime Rotary Kiln

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    Product Details

    Product name



    Alloy steel, carbon steel, 45#, titanium alloy, stainless steel.

    Heat treatment

    Normalizing,annealing,quenching&tempering,surface quenching,case hardening


    CNC lathing,CNC Milling,CNC Boring,CNC Grinding,CNC Drilling

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    1.6m,5m CNC Vertical Lathe,5m,8m,12m Horizontal lathe,2.2m,3m,4m,6m CNC Gantry boring and milling machine, 2sets CNC Machinging center VMC 850L, 6m CNC Boring machine, 2sets 2M CNC Grinding machine,50mm,80mm drilling machine, hobbing and shaping gear machine, automatic feeding machine,bending machine,plate shearing machine,press machine,etc.

    Machining diameter

    Max. 5000mm




    Chemical composition test,Ultrasonic test,Magnetic test,Tensile strength test,Impact Test,Hardness Test,Dimension test







    forged rings are used in many industrial applications where high strength, impact resistance and increased fatigue life are required such as bearings, gears, bushings, cylinders, seals, couplings, piping applications, nuts and locking collars. Forged rings can offer great advantages over rings cut from steel plate or bar stock. Forged rings have considerable material cost savings due to the ring being hot formed on a mandrel as opposed to the inside diameter being cut from the plate or bar. Additionally a forged ring can have metallurgical advantages from being forged with a radial or tangential grain flow, not found in rings cut from bar or plate. Furthermore, our large assortment of saddles and mandrels enable us to forge heavy and thin-walled rings and sleeves. Due to the low tooling cost for forging mandrel rolled rings an sleeves there is no minimum quantity requirements.


    Raw material inspection →Cutting→ inspection → Preheat → forging → heat treatment → inspection → rough machining → NDT →Testing → finishing machining →NDT →inspection → packing→ Delivery.



    l Ring Gear Blanks

    l Flanges

    l Manway Rings & Flanges

    l Tires

    l Bearings

    l Tank Rings


    1. Main products:Custom Open Die Forging, Main Shaft, Wind Power Shaft, Stabilizer, Flange,Tube Sheet, Roller Forging, Ring Forging, Gear Blank, Gear Wheel.


    2. Materials: Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Brass etc


    3. Supplying range:Machining Shafts, Hollow bars, Steel Sleeves, Forged Rings, Cylinders, Flanges, Tube Sheet, CNC Machining Parts etc.


    4. Process:Forging – Normalizing & Tempering – Proof Machining- Quenching & Tempering –  Precision Machining


    5. QA DOC.:Chemical Composition Report, Mechanical Properties Report,UT Report, Heat Treatment  Report,Dimensions Check Report


     6.UT test: 100% ultrasonic test according to EN10228-3, SA388 etc.



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