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    Rivet welding capacity

    With the large plant and outside processing bases,YOGIE has a strong rivet welding and site construction capacity. It has provided large-sized Cement Kiln, Ball mill, and Large Converter for the biggest cement producing enterprise in China, and also exported many years, the products have been accepted by customers at 500彩票网安全下载 and abroad.

    32t and 60t crance(001).jpg



    Argon Arc Welding Machine(001).jpg

    Automatic Feeding Machine(001).jpg

    Bending machine(001).jpg

    CNC Veneer Reeling machine(001).jpg

    plate shearing machine(001).jpg

    Three Roller Veneer Reeling Machine(001).jpg

    800598853388393456(002).jpgpress machine(002).jpg

    Gas Shielded Welding Machine(002).jpg